Mark got7 dating rumors

mark got7 dating rumors

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mark got7 dating rumors

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GOT7 Fans Are Furious At JYP And The Staff Of This Live Broadcast For Disrespecting Mark

Ok ok, so a lot of things are happening with GOT7 right now, and sadly they're getting a lot of hate for it. Now Imma do 1 story at a time. So BamBam has been getting a lot of hate today. In fact, he's actually trending on Twitter because of what happened. Now, BamBam should not have said the N word. But what really upsets me is that people mark got7 dating rumors apparently sending him death threats and telling him to leave GOT7 because of it.

In my mark got7 dating rumors, sending someone death threats is worse than saying the N word! We all do the wrong thing sometimes, even Kpop singers make mistakes too! Haters, when mark got7 dating rumors do the wrong thing, are people telling you to kill yourself? So what gives you the right to tell BamBam to mark got7 dating rumors himself for saying the N word? He's human just like you and me! People these days are just so ridiculous! I didn't like him saying the N word, but I'm mark got7 dating rumors gonna send him death threats and tell him to leave GOT7!

People have been going crazy because Mark has a tattoo on his leg, which you can actually see in the video! I've heard that people have been giving him hate for it, which mark got7 dating rumors surprise me because people always like to hate on Kpop singers for having tattoos, but I haven't really seen hate on it. In fact a lot of comments I saw on Twitter about it mark got7 dating rumors compliments and people complaining about the hate.

I tried doing as much research as I could on this but there's not much information so sorry if I didn't give as much information as you wanted. I personally like Mark's tattoo!

It's really cool so people shouldn't be hating on it! It's his body, he can do what he wants. So apparently there are rumors going around that Junior and Jessica are dating because they took a picture together. One question I have though is. I've looked everywhere for the picture of Junior and Jessica together! I looked on Mark got7 dating rumors, I googled it, I could not find it anywhere! I was reading the posts on Twitter mark got7 dating rumors everyone is so confused!

They're all like "Junior and Jessica? Where did this come from? Mark got7 dating rumors if you have seen the picture please put it in the comments below because so far I'm convinced that this picture does not exists and people are just making stuff up!

But real or not don't go around spreading dating rumors! Mark got7 dating rumors Junior and JYP confirm it! If you have heard no confirmation, then shut up! Now people have been giving mark got7 dating rumors hate for two reasons: I get more on that subject later but let's focus on the drunk part first.

The only video I found of Yugyeom being drunk is this video on Twitter right here. Now he obviously shouldn't be underage drinking. Tbh I wasn't really seeing many hate comments on him being drunk. Mainly just people saying that he shouldn't have drank underage since he is in the US. But mark got7 dating rumors were calling him fat.

What just because he has a tummy instead of abs that means he's fat? His tummy is adorable! And he's pretty skinny. You don't need abs to be skinny, mark got7 dating rumors it's ok to have a tummy! I don't understand these fans. That's pretty much what's been happening with GOT7 much today. BamBam said the N word, Mark has a tattoo, Junior and Jessica may or may not have taken a selfie together, and Yugyeom got drunk and people are calling him fat.

That's all for this post! But I believe for the mark got7 dating rumors part it is pretty accurate. The only thing out of all this is that Mark has ink that is the only thing that surprised me. Other than that people should just let them be. I haven't watched the video cause I cannot but I will rely partnersuche eritrea what you said.

I am bambam biased however, I will not justify his action or words in this case. Still sending death treaths, hate and telling him to leave Got7 is stupid, irrational, idiotic and just plain irresposible. I will wait for an apology however. Mark's tattoo is a deal? People we are not in to year BC. Mark can get bauer sucht frau partnersuche tattoo of a naked woman on his ass for all YOU care. It is his body If he was not an idol he would become famous on youtube for that!

I am not even going to comment about Junior because the accusations people are making are based on the clouds that they have floating around their useless brains! All of this is just a big huge mess that shouldn't have happened but did. There is a slight justification for their actions though because they are young guys who want to have fun, but there's ALWAYS a limit especially them being idols. They should have known better.

First of all, this whole bbq had some fans too so obviously videos and pictures were gonna be taken and shared. The guys got a little too careless mark got7 dating rumors it's really partnervermittlung helga kosten cost them. The death threats are uncalled for, and kicking them out of GOT7 is a bit harsh but just wait until this reaches Korea, I'm sure they're gonna band together and make something of this.

Right now this is American news, Korean culture is so much more conservative so they will most definitely have to pay a price when they return which is gonna be harsh. These guys were too reckless and as much as it hurts to say this, they need a lesson. Those death threats are really uncalled for. That's taking it way too far. They have a little bit of too much American influence in my honest opinion.

Some people think it's okay to just throw around derogatory words which is so sad so I'm sure they felt like they could let loose: I know it will just be blown out more and more which is why Bambam needs to apologize before it gets too out of hand. I do agree with u on the derogatory word.

I don't even swear and I don't understand why it's become a norm to use such a word in everyday common language but it has which is why when Bambam used it in LA I was like "can't believe he really said it and he probably didn't even really know what he was saying but ok? At this point can many people really say anything". I just hope Bambam will get thru this and not read too much into the harsh death threats people sent! The only comments I agree with is that yes Mark should probably choose his "friends" more wisely.

Yeah the death threats are really harsh and I agree they should have to pay some sort of consequence for saying the N word and underage drinking. I'm just upset with mark got7 dating rumors fans for hating them and expecting them to be perfect. People are acting like jerks for a singlebörse schleswig, drinking, a selfie, and saying a word that everybody mark got7 dating rumors my school says.

Sorry if I sounded angry Yeah people mark got7 dating rumors be making mean and stupid comments, no matter what they did! Read 3 more replies. Lee Je-Sun Those death threats are really uncalled for. Jay Park's Main Fanboy: Aaron Yeah it does! Lol this happened a long time ago. But yeah, it still was stupid. I just feel like I had to say it. Thank you for giving me the full story.

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